A new beneficial service from MNG Kargo, “Collect on Delivery”.
With this new service, MNG Kargo not only delivers the merchandise but also collects the payment on delivery and transmits the amount to the customers’ bank account.
“Collect on Delivery” service will lower your operation cost and save you time.In order to use this service, you have to be our contractual client.
For more information, please call 444 06 06 or email to

MNG Kargo vehicles are equipped with special shelve and movable net system to prevent Kargos from any possible damages caused by squashing or collapsig. Now, all cargos are delivered to their addresses, secure against possible damages in LOGE Service, without any extra charge.

Turkey’s first air cargo company, MNG Kargo, as a standart service, delivers early to city centers and its branches. The cargos which are compliant with the air cargo standards are delivered to their addresses with an entegrated operation of its ground fleet with 2000 vehicle.

MNG Kargo which created a revolution by integrating air freight tarsportation to its operation, delivers the cargos in half a day. The cargos which are compliance with the air cargo regulations, are delivered to metropoles within the same day. To learn the list of eligible cities and the cargo acceptance times, please call 444 06 06.

If you want your cargos to be picked up from your addess, you can call 444 06 06 or inform the closest MNG Kargo branch to your address..

The cargos, picked up from your address or dropped into our branch are delivered to the receiver's address if you request.If the receiver is not found in the address, a ' Delivery Notice' with the name of the branch and the person in charge is left. The cargos not picked up in 3 days from the arrival branch are returned back to the departure branch.

If you request the cargo to be picked up from the closest branch to the receiver's addres, you can use this service also known as ' Receiver Notified' . In order to use this service, you need to give our branch contact information to the receiver..

If you request your cargo to be picked up from the closest branch to the destination address by the receiver via telephone notification, you can benefit from this service. When the cargo arrives to the destination branch, we call and inform the receiver and the cargo is delivered to the receiver upon ID presentation..

The cargos are delivered to the 600 residential areas excluding 605 MNG Kargo branch locations in specific days of the week..

If you are curious about your cargo's journey, now just by sending an SMS to 6645, you can track your cargo, learn the price, branch information and the last but not the least request a pick up from your ddress. In addition to these, ıf you demand, as a sender yourself can be informed via SMS when your ' cargo is delivered' and also the receiver can be informed when the ' cargo reaches to the branch'.

   iPhone BRANCH
With MNG Kargo iPhone Application you can track your package, find the closest branch, calculate the delivery price, call a courier and learn about international shipment...With iPad branch, you can have MNG Kargo services anytime, anywhere!
To use MNG Kargo’s free iPhone Application, all you have to do is write “mng” on your iPhone Appstore search bar and download it. Click here to download MNG Kargo iPad Application

   iPad BRANCH
MNG Kargo Branch is also in iPad! With our life culture magazine MNG Box!

MNG Kargo iPad branch stands out with its ease of use and the life culture magazine MNG Box! On MNG Kargo iPad branch, you can acquire all the services you need from a physical branch and yet catch up with the trends by reading MNG Box magazine on your iPad!
To use MNG Kargo’s free iPad Application, all you have to do is write “mng” on your iPad Appstore search bar and download it. Click here to download MNG Kargo iPad Application.

MNG Kargo offers all types and sizes of packages to solve your packaging needs and even more!

In order to give the best, satisfying service to our customers with high volume parcels, if requested, a customized branch in their location is set up just for their needs.   

You can send your cargos faster and more practical than ever by pringting your own barcode with using the barcode system.

MNG Kargo extended the hours for picking up your cargos. Our on duty branches are open untill 8.30 pm to accept your cargos. Please call our call center for more information.

"The Speak of the Cities” Packaging Series"

You can contribute to your city’s promotion and help its progress by sending with a customized packaging just for your city! MNG Kargo’s special packaging series, “The Speak of the Cities”, is a part of a social responsibility project, to support our cities’ branding process and support their economical development by promoting their cultural, natural, and historical values domestically and internationally.

Korumax; New packaging for maximum protection and reliable delivery!

This new innovative packaging product makes every sensitive delivery easily shipable with maximum protection and safety by MNG Kargo.

Our experienced, professional call center team is ready to help your needs, 6 days a week between 8.30 am - 7.30 pm.

If you have a cargo to be delivered in Cyprus, please call 444 06 06 or just stop by the one of our brances for the detailed information.

Customer Relation Directors can present alternative solutions for the corporate demands. You can reach to our Customer Relation Department by 444 06 06 or email to .

MNG Kargo is the global service participant of FedEx Express in Turkey. You can send your international shipments to more than 220 countries world wide via FedEx Express, the world’s largest express transportation company. You can ship next day to Europe and USA!


MNG Kargo introduces another cutting edge technology: TAM! The Technology Hub Centers...

MNG Kargo is the leader in Customer Satisfaction!

As a result of Turkey Customer Satisfaction Index (TMME), conducted with participation of 10.812 customers through out Turkey via computer supported telephone survey (CATI), MNG Kargo has been determined as the leader company of its sector in Customer Satisfaction!

A different experience in shopping and cargo service with MNG Kargo, FedEx Express - CarrefourSa Marmara Forum cooperation!

A new beneficial service from MNG Kargo, “Collect on Delivery”

With this new service, MNG Kargo not only delivers the merchandise but also collects the payment on delivery and transmits the amount to the customers’ bank account...

MNG Kargo iPad and iPhone Branches are at your service!

Another “first” from MNG Kargo! Plastic cargo bags are recyled to a school in Bitlis!

MNG Kargo is awarded with “2010 EU Quality” Prize

MNG Kargo, once again “Golden Brand”

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